QBCC Licensing

We understand the importance of a licence in being able to commence work. 

We have assisted local and interstate licensees in obtaining their first corporate licence in Queensland. Similarly, we also assist Queensland businesses in obtaining an inter-state licence.

QBCC licensing assistance for local and inter-state operators.

Whether you are a Queensland or Inter-state Licensee operating in Queensland we can assist you when applying for your initial licence as well as provide assistance in maintaining your current licence. 

We support you in areas such as documentation, choosing the appropriate licence class or meeting the financial requirements at the time of application.

We are specialists in the industry, working with you and the regulator to obtain a licence and maintain it. We also have experience in Queensland businesses going inter-state and can help you navigate those regulatory environments.

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Initial application

Assistance with meeting the documentary requirements and providing all the required information. It is surprising how many applications are returned with both minor and significant problems holding up the licensing process.

Queensland businesses going interstate

Assistance with application documentation and understanding the different regulatory environments, such as, builders’ warranty insurance requirements in NSW and Victoria.

QBCC structuring

Structuring your business correctly to meet the QBCC financial requirements at the time of application.

Find out more on QBCC Structuring.

Inter-state licensees

We act as your conduit with the regulator and a sounding board for day-to-day QBCC issues with owners and key management. We also provide assistance with compliance and restructures.

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